The Cons of Remodeling Your Kitchen

8 Oct

When it comes to home remodeling the room that’s most often remodeled is the kitchen.  Are you one of the many homeowners who is tired of their kitchen and would like a new one?  One of the biggest reasons for remodeling a kitchen is the increase in value that you will get from a quality kitchen remodel.  However, there are also disadvantages to keep in mind when you’re thinking about tackling a project as large as this.

The most talked about disadvantage of remodeling a kitchen is that it can be a big budget buster.  The amount of money needed to completely remodel a kitchen from top to bottom can be well over $20,000 and the even more if you want only the highest quality of all items.  Of course you can make small changes that will not be as expensive.  The amount of money you will need for your kitchen remodel depends on the scope of your project.  If you only want to change out the paint and may be put in some new curtains and new decorations your cost will be reasonable.  However if you wish to change your cabinets and countertops and may be put in a new floor and add some new lighting you are looking at a very large amount of money.  While it is possible to remodel your kitchen on a budget you may find it difficult to do so.  It is better to change out one are two things and replace them with nice quality items than to try to do your entire kitchen cheaply.  Most people can spot inferior products and workmanship a mile away and you will definitely not get the increased value to your home that you desire.

Another disadvantage is a kitchen remodeling does not happen quickly.  Even if you are hiring a professional contractor to do the work you should plan on it taking longer than you expect.  It is very rare that a home improvement project will go exactly as planned without any setbacks.  If you’ve ever watched any of the home improvement shows on television you should know that setbacks are just part of the project.  Also, if you plan on remaining in your home during the remodeling project it may seem to take a lifetime even if it’s done very quickly.  Living in a construction zone with the dust and mess is not fun and you should be prepared to endure a little hardship.  In the event you are doing the construction yourself after work or on weekends be prepared for the project to go quite slowly doing this sort of remodeling in a start and stop method is quite time consuming.  And it will take even longer if your home improvement skills are not up to par.

3-2One of the main benefits to remodeling a kitchen is the added value to the equity in your home.  Not keep in mind that your home will only increase in value if the remodeling job is successful.  Any remodeling job that is unattractive or done with poor workmanship is not likely to increase the value of your home in fact if you try to sell your home and there’s poor workmanship you will likely have to decrease the price to make up for the purchaser having to fix your mistakes.  So you should always plan on doing the job right the first time, if you’re going to do it yourself and have any hesitation about your capabilities you should strongly consider hiring a professional.

Another disadvantage into doing a kitchen remodel are safety concerns.  This really only matters if you’re going to be doing the work yourself or hire a disreputable contractor.  One of the main reasons that hiring a reputable contractor is worth the money is that they have the experience necessary to do a quality job while maintaining the safety standards needed.  One of the main mistakes a homeowner can make is by believing that they can do the same job that a professional can in the same amount of time.  By believing this it often causes people to hurry and make mistakes which can affect the quality of your work however, hurrying can also be dangerous.  Particularly if you are doing electrical work or any other type of inherently dangerous work trying to rush through the job can lead to disaster.  That is why it’s important to take your time.

Even though the point of this article has been to list the disadvantages or cons to remodeling your kitchen it is also important to note there are quite a few pros.  You just need to take a little time to compare the two and decided which can offer you the modest benefits.  Doing this may help you decide whether or not it’s a good time to remodel your kitchen.

The best part about deciding to do a remodel project is that you can get rid of old or failing appliances and bring in some fancy new items. In my most recent remodel I had a water heater that was leaking so I used that opportunity to get a new tankless model. I read a bunch of reviews and chose a Rinnai model for the whole house. I didn’t do the install myself but I sure was happy with the result…hot water any damn time I want it! Woo Hoo!


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